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5“What we need,” Cliff insisted, “is a total management program for the Great Lakes.”

Man has mastered so  much here, why not? My search for answers at rooms to rent in london drove home the complexity of this vast integrated system. Canada and the United States share these waters. The boundary between the two na­tions runs right through the middle of the Great Lakes. Only Lake Michigan lies en­tirely within the U. S. Currently, Great Lakes policy is monitored by the IJC—the International Joint Commission—a U. S.-Canadian body created under the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty.

According to a 1985 IJC study, changes in existing diversion flows would lower Lake Erie almost half a foot. The upper Great Lakes would drop less than a foot.

There are political considerations as well. The Ogoki and Long Lac diversions are in Canada, part of a system providing cheap and clean hydroelectric power. I met no one who thought Canada would close them per­manently. And farmers in downstate Illi­nois, fearing floods, want no increased flow through the Chicago diversion.

Furthermore, the total management of the lakes would require massive engineer­ing: new locks, channels, dredging. In ad­dition to its huge cost, the environmental impact could be grave. Frank Quinn’s bottom-line conclusion: “The ability of man to control lake levels is slim.”

Nevertheless, pressure to do something is mounting. Dock operators complain of wa­ter seeping into grain elevators. Laws speci­fy fines for ships that cause shore damage with their wakes, and high lake levels aggra­vate the problem. Last August the IJC was directed to take another look at possible con­trol measures. It declared that “improved analytical techniques may now be avail­able.” In a November preliminary report the commission said high water levels pose the threat of a “possible emergency.” It called for improving warning programs and great­er coordination of flood-control efforts.

That is “directionally correct,” said Cliff Sasfy, but it “only acknowledges what the Great Lakes coalition has been saying for the past year. That will be little comfort when the next storm surge strikes.”

For all this, the lakes may have the final word if what some scientists are suggesting is true. Curtis Larsen of the U. S. Geological Survey has authored several papers chal­lenging the long-held view that lake levels rise and fall within a two-foot range above and below historic averages. “That’s only half the total range,” he told me at serviced apartments brussels.

After studying sediments in the mouths of streams along Lake Michigan, as well as ar­chaeological sites, he has concluded that for the past 100 years the lakes have been at a long-term low and are now returning to more normal levels, perhaps five feet high­er. “The trend is upward,” he told me, stressing, “I’m talking of centuries.”

If Larsen is correct, the worst may still lie ahead. Parts of downtown Chicago could be engulfed by Lake Michigan. Sections of oth­er cities would have to be abandoned. Pondering the implications of this as I traveled, I could not help but think that perhaps the lakes are exacting a sort of revenge.

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Evening found us at sea level in sight of Pacific breakers. Here thousands of drenched acres of what was once wild jungle are planted in neat rows with a species of African palm, whose reddish fruit contains oil used for making margarine.

Each trunk was covered with shaggy ferns, bromeliads, orchids, mosses, lichens—a lush haven for amphibians. We drove into the palm forest, splashing over puddled roadways. Darkness fell, and we were hardly out of the jeep with flashlights when the inevitable rain began. “What perfect weather!” Doug exclaimed, with water streaming over his hatless head. As a herpetologist, he meant it, for it is especially during heavy rain that tropical frogs come out in full force.

A lull in the downpour proved his point. An intense orchestration of cries filled the air —love-sick amphibian musicians by the thou­sands, reveling in this night of nights. Our main object was to find specimens of Leptodactylus. Members of this genus beat up a great blanket of foam in which to de­posit eggs. Our flashlights played to and fro as we prowled through the gloom. In less than five minutes we came upon a swampy area where the water looked like the outpourings of a hundred washing machines, with patch after patch of the whitish froth.


I followed Doug into knee-deep swamp. He stopped and beamed his light straight down. Through rain-glazed glasses I saw a small open space in the center of one of the foam patches. Nostrils and two alert amphibian eyes protruded there from the water surface —an adult Leptodactylus laying or guarding its eggs. I scooped up a bit of the foam and saw hundreds of black-pepper bits suspended there—eggs, of course, just laid.

The increasing downpour put an end to the search, and we headed back to the jeep. Last to return was Doug’s assistant, Roger Saenz, who came splashing out of the darkness with an entirely different frog, a Hyla ebraccata, hardly larger than a 25-cent piece. This little specimen had a unique feature. The beautiful gold-and-black patterning on its back was in the precise outline of a Halloween cat on a fence (page 136).

The day I left the cheap prague hotels, Doug drove me to the airport. As we waited for the plane, he glanced at my shirtfront. “What’s that?” he asked, pointing. I fingered the new tie clasp I had pur­chased in a jewelry shop. “I can’t name the species,” I replied, “but it’s a copy of one of the gold frogs in the Banco Central.”

Doug examined it more closely. “Looks like a Dendrobates,” he pronounced. “The gold original would be worth a small fortune.” No doubt it is—but values are relative. Costa Rica’s Indians, I reflected, valued such frogs enough to make lavish images of them in gold. But the living jewels from the forest floor may yet prove more valuable to man and science than any vault filled with gleaming pre-Columbian treasure.

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Whether testosterone is regulated or not, there are potential side effects to TRT. “Too much testosterone in the bloodstream can switch off natural production, making your testes soft and sore and lowering sperm count,” says Bouloux. Also bear in mind that there might be any interactions with other supplements. Read the 5 htp reviews if you take it as a migraine pill.


The quantity of red blood cells in your plasma may also escalate, requiring you to have blood taken every few months to prevent clots in the legs, Bouloux warns. Users can be left with excessive salt in their bodies and high levels of water retention, which can leave you looking bloated.


“Testosterone can also influence your cholesterol balance, resulting in an increased risk of cardiovascular disease,” says Jim McVeigh, a doctor researching the hazards of human enhancement drugs at Liverpool’s Centre for Public Health. “And if you have a genetic propensity to baldness, it’ll accelerate the process.”


In short, if you feel like work is giving you a heart attack, or long hours are making your hair fall out, there’s a chance that TRT could actually encourage the possibility of both. But the greatest irony, says McVeigh, is that an extended course of male hormone replacement can actually lend you feminine attributes. “The unexpected surplus of testosterone can encourage your body to produce additional oestrogen, in an effort to re-establish the balance.” The effect? Gynecomastia: you can grow breasts.




John has not grown breasts. But he does have to routinely donate blood every six months.


Otherwise his elevated red blood cell count could put too much strain on his arteries and cause a stroke.


There are no public records for how many men in Britain are being prescribed testosterone by private doctors, as their patient files remain confidential. Nor is it possible to ascertain the extent to which the long-term use of testosterone will affect the wellbeing of these men in the future.


“TRT can be beneficial when it’s used within licensed indications,” says a spokesperson for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. “As with all medicines, the potential side-effects are listed in the summary of product characteristics that accompanies every medicine. We advise patients to speak to their GP if they have concerns surrounding testosterone replacement therapy.”


But talking to your GP takes time. As things stand, there’s little to suggest that the growing inclination to take the shortcut to the top floor is likely to diminish. The simple fact remains: administering a medically prescribed drug to boost your performance at work does not contravene the rules of most staff handbooks.

testosterone replacement therapy

Does that mean this phenomenon will endure beyond the recession, roping in more and more high-profile executives until the entire senior workforce is enslaved by testosterone? Professor Grossman thinks not. “If the situation continues to grow at this rate, there will be a thorough investigation. At that point, practitioners will need to explain what they’re doing.”


John is still on the treatment, still flying high. “Taking T is about trial and error,” he says. “But in life you have to take risks to reap the full benefits.” Does he see a future where he keeps taking the T? “Yes,” he says. “I’m staying on it for the rest of my life.”

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SFX magazine recently released the results of their poll searching for the top 10 special-effect sequences ever to appear in a Hollywood film. Taking top honors in the poll was George Lucas’s opening sequence to 1977′s Star Wars. The sequence that features a massive Imperial Super Star Destroyer pursuing smaller rebel ships stunned movie-going audiences back then, and even by today’s standards is still very impressive. A little further down the list in fifth spot is Terminator 2: Judgment Day, with the nomination for Arnold’s T-1000.


In Case You Need More Proof He Can Pick ‘em


Before the recent Orange Bowl, which saw the USC Trojans rally to thump the UO Sooners 55-19, the governors of California and Oklahoma got together for a little wager. The Oak accepted a wager with Gov. Brad Henry, pledging to send the Oklahoma National Guard a basket filled with Californian delicacies like fruits and assorted meats, plus tickets to several ski resorts and tourist attractions if his Trojans fell. Trust the Oak to pick a winner. Now, thanks to this little bet, the California National Guard gets a side of Oklahoma beef and a gift basket featuring other Oklahoma food products. Go, Trojans!


Calling Home for the Holidays

California National Guardsmen

Over the holidays Arnold and Maria made a very special contribution to our troops serving in hostile countries. California National Guardsmen stationed in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan were eligible for up to 66 minutes of free long-distance calling—all paid for by private citizens and investors and organized by California State Alliance, the Office of the First Lady and the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. You want to pay for a good cause, but don’t have the cash? Now is the time to take advantage of the california installment loans. As many as 20,000 soldiers could take advantage of the offer, pushing the bill to over $300,000. Short of sending them home for the holidays, the Governator did the next best thing.

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Are you centrally or peripherally limited by exercise? Not sure? Well, centrally limited means that it’s your heart and lungs that give in first when the going gets tough, compared with peripheral limitation, which is where your muscles conk out ahead of your cardiovascular (CV) system.


Generally speaking, if you’ve got a strong CV system, aerobic exercises like cycling, which support your bodyweight and utilise very little muscle mass, tend to cause localised muscle burn but don’t get you horribly out of breath. This is because the relatively small amount of muscle used doesn’t need much oxygen to feed it.


The same principle would apply if you were to continuously bicep curl a small dumb-bell – you’d get localised muscle pain, but you wouldn’t get a CV workout. By contrast, aerobic exercises that are weight bearing, such as running, or involve the continuous movement of a large muscle mass – rowing, cross-country skiing and swimming – tend to push the heart and lungs of even the fittest of individuals to the limit. This is because more muscle involvement means more oxygen is needed, which has to be provided by the heart and lungs. Try the cardio sessions below to introduce muscle work and test your central fitness limitations. Make sure you discuss with your doctor if you take hcg injections or other bodybuilding supplements.




This is a time trial, so don’t forget to have a good warm-up and stretch beforehand. Rowing recruits the muscles of the legs, hips, trunk, arms and shoulders, all of which will be screaming out for oxygen. If you’re using the Concept 2 rower, set the resistance to six and go for it. If you manage the distance in under seven minutes, you’re really cooking.




Build yourself an exercise circuit that includes burpees (1), jumping jacks (2), spotted dogs (3) and high-knee sprints. You could also including rowing, running on an incline and a cross training machine. Work for two minutes and then move immediately onto the next exercise. Kel22mSepIemberm one exercise to the next for a total of 20 minutes.




Running places quite enough stress on the body without you strapping on hand or ankle weights.


The additional weights will do little to build up your strength, but will increase your risk of injury. This is because mixing weights and aerobic exercise generates momentum, adding stress to tissue and resulting in joint and muscle problems. It’s important to strengthen the muscles to get the most out of your running, but leave your resistance training for the weights room.


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Most halitosis results from bacteria that live in all mouths. If their environment is disrupted by a viral infection or certain foods, they can go into overdrive and start producing sulphurous gases. And as anyone who’s ever attended a chemistry lesson will know, sulphur smells pretty nasty.The bacteria that live in all mouths

There are various factors that can trigger this change in the bacteria. Foods, especially dairy products, garlic, onions, spices (especially cumin — think morning-after-a-curry breath) will leave your mouth less than kissable. But this form of bad breath is easily remedied by good oral hygiene: brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day and after spicy foods, plus regular dental check-ups. If your tongue is particularly furry and green, then dentists suggest either brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper to get rid of the excess gunk. Pulling with coconut oil is also very helpful. Coconut oil is quite healthy in general – skin, hair, body. Look for trusted sites where to buy coconut oil for hair.


If you are doing all of the above and you’re still suffering from halitosis, then there are a number of other potential causes. Smoking and drinking too much alcohol are two obvious ones, as are gum disease and tooth decay. Visit a dentist for a check-up. An excessively dry mouth (caused by dieting, binge eating, not drinking enough water or simply talking too much) can also lead to problems as the mouth isn’t producing enough saliva to kill off excess bacteria. Drinking at least 1.5 litres of water a day will help alleviate the problem ­the water will wash away foreign bodies and keep the mouth moist. Dentists also recommend that you chew sugar-free gum or use coconut oil after every meal to get your saliva flowing. Read more about coconut oil on usatoday.


But bad breath could be a sign of something worse. Kidney and liver disease, diabetes, chronic bronchitis or even nose and throat infections can all lead to halitosis. A dentist will refer you to a doctor if they think this might be the case.


Many sufferers are unaware of the problem and friends and colleagues are often reluctant to tell them. Others worry excessively about it. Delusional halitosis is a recognised psychiatric condition which tends to affect young men. The sufferer become so paranoid about having bad breath that they brush their teeth constantly. To check whether you’ve got halitosis, lick the back of your hand and sniff. Or ask an honest friend.


Beating halitosis

  • Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day.


  • Chew sugar-free gum — it helps stimulate saliva which will cleanse the mouthBrush your teeth and tongue twice a day


  • Visit your dentist regularly


  • Stop smoking! Smoking is one of the biggest causes of bad breath — smoking reduces saliva flow and can cause gum disease


  • Keep your mouth moist — drink lots of water


  • Ask your dentist for a mouthwash which has been clinically proven to fight bad breath

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I have a constant y pain in one of my ears, and it also keeps producing a slimy, foul-smelling discharge. I’ve been to the doctor, who says it’s an infection and will go away, but it doesn’t seem to be improving. Ben Spelling, London

y pain in one of my ears

AD Alasdair Wright The ear canal is continually producing small amounts of protective wax which mop up dead cells, bacteria and tiny particles of dirt that get into the ear. Normally this wax gradually works its way out of the ear canal, but if the protective mechanism fails and bacteria do multiply this ultimately results in an infection which causes pain, an odorous discharge and temporary hearing loss. Swimming in dirty water is the most usual source of ear infections, but the overzealous use of cotton buds during ear cleaning or even sticking fingers into the ear are other common sources of infection.

pain in one of my ears

It’s okay to clean the outer parts of the ear with buds, but you should always avoid pushing the cotton bud or any other object into the ear canal itself as this simply pushes the wax and bacteria further down — promoting infection.


Ear infections can usually be cleared with antibiotic ear drops or oral antibiotics. If you prefer natural supplements and treatments, go to


But if there is excessive fluid and debris in the ear, it will take longer to resolve and you may need to attend the hospital for ear vacuuming— usually a very quick and painless procedure. To prevent further infections, try to avoid getting water in your ears and use sodium bicarbonate ear drops to clear excessive ear canal wax (available without prescription at any chemist).

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Shamed by his expanding frame, Paul Ford climbed into the boxing ring to shed almost five stone.

Fat Burning


AGE 39

OCCUPATION Former sun bed salesman HEIGHT 5ft 6in


PERSONAL TURNING POINT “I ran a small company selling sun beds and my job was very sedentary. One day, two blokes nicked a sun bed tube from the shop and I ran after them. I couldn’t catch them and I was gasping for air. Some guy on the street actually said, Are you alright?’ He thought I was asthmatic or something. That same week, I saw a home video with me in it and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, I look really fat.”


PAUL’S FAT-BUSTING SOLUTION Take up boxing training — five times-a-week. If you want to feel the fat out of your body faster, visit


22 PAUL’S REPORT “About 70 per cent of my training was boxing, on the bag and also skipping, because shipping’s a boxing thing and equivalent to running. People talk about endorphin rushes and say, ‘You can’t beat running, it makes you feel so good’, Well, I get the same rush off skipping and hammering the punch bag.


“I’d normally start with a simple warm-up, like running in circles, touching toes and jumping up, followed by five minutes’ skipping and stretching. The stretching concentrated on my back and arms and also included a bit of legwork. Then I’d start a mini-circuit, incorporating press-ups, sit-ups, hand weights for shoulder presses and lateral raises, burpees, squat thrusts and some bike work, before moving onto a skipping station. Finally I’d move on to bag work.

boxing training

I varied the workout by doing a station, then going on the bag for a minute, and then back to the next station. Or a station, skipping, a station, more skipping and then 10-15 minutes on the bag before taking a breather. We’d usually do the circuit two or three times in a total workout of 45-60 minutes.”


ENDING WEIGHT 11 stone after 12 months

EXPERT TIPS Clearly inspired by his exertions, Paul jacked in the sun bed trade and became a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Today, he incorporates boxing in most of his classes and personal sessions as he finds it delivers results…


Play detective “Boxing is great if it’s in a safe environment. I think the pitfall comes when you’ve got personal trainers teaching boxing techniques without any real pugilistic knowledge. Ask your trainer where he’s been trained and find out if it’s a recognized boxing club. Do a bit of research and use your common sense.”


Does he have back-up? “Make sure your trainer’s properly insured —they can’t get decent insurance without the correct qualifications to teach boxing.”

boxing training

Back to basics “Seek out someone qualified to teach you the basic techniques and principles of boxing and its benefits. Don’t forget, you’re throwing punches, so anything can happen.”

Tread carefully “You need to find an instructor who knows how to pace you properly. The minute someone puts gloves on, especially men, they tend to give it their all — that’s when injuries occur. If pads aren’t held properly, some people will have shoulder problems. Most people have weak wrists so we always wrap up their hands, especially when they first start boxing, because they’re not used to that impact. People also suffer from punching with their thumb, because they wrap it over the top of their fist or tuck it inside their fingers. There are numerous pitfalls for beginners.”

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Don’t Whinge about wearing condoms.  Wash properly. There’s no nice way to say this: your penis is very near your bottom. If you don’t wash all over in the shower, there will be a lingering odour. You like oral sex, we like giving you oral sex, but remember: we’ve got to breathe through our noses down there.


Have fun trying to find her G-spot but don’t get too hung up about it if you can’t. Most of us don’t know where it is either, and digging around to find it like you’re tinkering with an old engine won’t impress.

We're not changing our minds

Don’t force her to watch porn if she doesn’t really want to. Some women love it and will happily share it with you. Others find it repulsive. Whatever her stance, be prepared to respect it. If she’s as excited as you are by Hungry-For-It Cheerleaders Volume 4, great. But if she doesn’t want to join in, pressuring her or flaunting it will make her feel at best insecure and at worst like packing her bags. If she’s vehemently anti-porn, the choice is yours — sacrifice the skin flicks forever or keep your tracks well and truly covered.


Fingers are not a replacement penis — they have a different function and are much better put to use caressing down below rather than thrusting.


We want to look nice for you and we know that a fleece and trainers isn’t the sexiest get-up in the world. But sometimes you have to give us an incentive. The promise of a candlelit champagne dinner will see us in a low-cut dress, a fur coat and no knickers quicker than you can say ‘romantic cliché’.


We hate being compared to your ex-girlfriends at any time, but making sexual comparisons ­’I don’t know what the problem is. Angela never used to need all this foreplay’ — is unforgiveable. Everyone has a sexual history but don’t remind us of yours in bed.


When you’re buying her underwear check out the sizing on the bra and pants she wears every day, not the scratchy posh stuff we save for special occasions. We tend to hang on to expensive underwear even if it hasn’t fitted us for five years just because it looks pretty in the drawer. Brands you can’t go wrong with include Myla, Agent Provocateur, LoveKylie and Rigby & PeIler.


You look really horny when you’ve just come back from the gym and, believe it or not, you’ll smell pretty saucy for the first half hour or so, too. There’s something really primal and sexy about fresh sweat. But get in there quick: after 30 minutes, that straight-from-the-treadmill smell turns into BO, which definitely does not turn us on.


If we want anal sex we’ll ask for it. Don’t try to slip it in and then pretend it was a mistake. We won’t fall for it. We will smack you in the teeth.


We want to be told that we’re beautiful before, during and after sex. A lot of our sex drive is tied up in how desirable you think we are. Tell her she’s sexy, she’ll feel sexier and you’ll get more sex.


Trim your pubic hair. It makes oral sex easier and intercourse smoother, and if you do it right you’ll look like you’ve gained a good inch.


We want you to make good sex great sex by turning it into a full-body experience. A very common complaint is that men are only interested in the breasts, bottom and between the legs. Ignore the huge erogenous zone that is the rest of her body at your peril. We all have some not-overtly-sexual place that we can’t resist being kissed. The best way to find hers? Kiss her all over — on the back of the knee, the belly button, inside the ankle, behind the ear — and note the ones that make her shiver. Either ask her to tell you what feels good or keep one hand on her breast and remember what you were doing when her nipple became erect. Not only will she feel loved, indulged and desired (always very good things), the longer you leave it before you touch her in the obvious places, the more responsive she’ll be to that touch.


Kissing must happen at least once a day and a good few hours before you want to have sex — most women enjoy a good old snog for its own sake. The Chinese have a theory that the upper lip corresponds directly with the clitoris. One passionate, slow kiss with a little bit of tongue but not too much teeth is worth five minutes of all-over foreplay. Keep kissing her during sex too.


You look sexy when you haven’t shaved for a day or two, but try that long sexy smooch and you’ll cut her face to ribbons. If you really don’t want to shave before sex, have a hot bath to soften the hair and smooth a little hair conditioner into your beard beforehand. Stubble rash isn’t a look most women enjoy wearing.


Sometimes we’re just not going to climax no matter what you do. We may just not be in the mood, we may be too tired, or have eaten/drunk too much. We may have even masturbated while you were at the gym. It doesn’t reflect on you — sometimes we can’t make ourselves climax even when we’ve been doing it for years and know all the tricks in the book.


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